Friday, December 5, 2014

AV Center of Wheaton's Graduate Bryn Spejcher featured in Hearing Our Way magazine.

Look who is featured in the current Hearing Our Way magazine.
Bryn Spejcher who is an AV Graduate from the Auditory Verbal Center of Wheaton.

I remember Bryn:
- eager to listen and learn and sitting up to the table in the booster chair and her Mom's commitment to listening and spoken language.

- not wanting to attend AGBELL’s LOFT program that I “made” her go to in Milwaukee. 
  Later Bryn shared LOFT was a life changing experience.

- observing AV therapy for a summer a few years ago and getting choked up when seeing a little girl with pink hearing aids and remembering her own days in AVT.

Way to go Bryn – as you are pursuing your dream while working
 on your doctorate in audiology!

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