Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Therapist or Provider to Help You and Your Child


1.    What experience do you have with children with hearing loss?

2.    What are your licenses, certifications, and/or credentials? What are your licenses, certifications, and/or credentials?

3.    What is your philosophy regarding communication for a child with a hearing loss?

4.    What are the long-term goals of the services you recommend?

5.    How do you evaluate the effectiveness of your services?

6.    What is the parent’s role when you provide services?

7.    How do you teach us to communicate with our child between visits?
Will I be able to carry on activities with my child based on your suggestions or resources?

8.    What supports do you offer families?

9.    What is the impact of services on the siblings and extended family?

10. What is your definition of success for children with hearing loss? 

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