Auditory Rehabilitation for Adults

“The highest compliment you can receive is when someone doesn’t realize you are hearing impaired because you communicate so effectively even in the most challenging circumstances. – Marc, an adult bilateral Phonak Naida Hearing Aid Recipient, on why rehab was especially important to him.”

Adults with hearing loss have a variety of needs when it comes to auditory rehabilitation and my role helps with these individual patients needs.
For example, some adults have worn hearing aids for years and wish to improve their auditory skills or decrease their reliance on lip-reading.
Others patients need auditory rehabilitation therapy or support as they learn to transition to hearing aids. Some individuals want to improve self advocacy, learn lip-reading techniques or become knowledgeable of what is available to and still others are cochlear implant recipients who require intensive rehabilitation sessions to transition to and maximize the benefit of their cochlear implant(s).
In addition to individual auditory rehabilitation, I offer,  Four Week Adult Aural Rehabilitation Groups where individuals with hearing aids or cochlear recipients and their families can meet others users who are also experiencing sound in a new way, in an interactive supportive environment, all while practicing with new listening skills.

On the side bar search "ADULTS" under quick topics to investigate information regarding adult auditory rehabilitation.

Please note: There has been many changes in Medicare Reimbursement and currently Adult auditory rehabilitation in not a covered procedure. Secondary insurance follows Medicare's decisions. Whereas,  payment for an Auditory Rehabilitation evaluation is typically a covered expense.

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