Saturday, December 8, 2012

Building Listening and Background Knowledge with TRIVIA

Christmas Trivia Game For:

Children who are Hard of Hearing

Children who are deaf or hard of hearing, even with advanced hearing aids and cochlear implants miss out or mishear a significant amount of auditory input. Their hearing loss results in the reduced ability to overhear information that is not directly spoken to them.

To expand language learning, children need to make connections between listening, recalling background knowledge from prior experiences in order to build a foundation upon which to add new ideas, vocabulary, concepts and social language skills. The broader the child’s foundation, the easier it is to fill in gaps when unfamiliar words or ideas are heard in conversational speech.

You can actually foster this kind of scaffolding through games such as Christmas Trivia, talking about the answers, learning the new vocabulary resulting in critical listening and expanding spoken language skills.

Children with Auditory Processing Disorders

This same game is excellent for individuals with APD, as it targets auditory closure, auditory memory, auditory comprehension, making connections for scaffolding and more.

Sample Game Cards:
Everyone knows Santa is chubby 
but what is the answer to this question?
 A child may know something round 
with a bow is hanging on the front door but 
never heard it called a “wreath”.
Likewise, someone may recognize and sing 
a portion of a popular Christmas song but 
would have difficulty when asked to finish the line.

Free Game Cards:

Have one person be the clue reader. The other players listen and race to answer the trivia. Each card is worth a certain number of points. The player with the highest points wins.

Today, many children in family-centered, Auditory Verbal Therapy can develop speech and spoken language at the same rate as their hearing peers. Children with APD can make significant gains when given the tools by trained audiologists and home carryover.

      Let me know if you play Christmas Trivia. Looking forward to your comments. Have fun!

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