Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Complex Christmas Sentences

These printable cards are fun ways to focus on listening 
while expanding your child's vocabulary and complex sentence development.

To print your own set click HERE.

Santa Claus is delivering presents to all the children around the world.

 Santa Claus is delivering presents all through the night.

I looked out my window and saw Santa Claus delivering presents.

Also Included in this set are: 

A child peeking at a present.

Children opening a present.

A little girl about to open a present.

A woman decorating a tree.

A father and son window shopping.

Elves making toys.

Children singing carols.

A girl hanging up a stocking.

A man putting up lights.

Santa Claus eating cookies and milk. 

Santa is checking his list while the reindeer are eating carrots and resting behind the tree.

Santa is checking his list to make sure he did not miss any good boys or girls.

A father and daughter are bringing home a Christmas tree 
that they chopped down in the forest.

A father and daughter are bringing home a Christmas tree 
to decorate with handmade ornaments and candy canes.

What sentences can you think of?

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