Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Listen and Learn with Rudolph's Crazy Cookie Exchange Game

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Rudolph's Crazy Cookie Exchange Game

Pam from Chitchat and Smalltalk
designed this game and is perfect for listening and spoken language, auditory processing, listening for directions as well as targeting descriptive language.

The object of the game is to be the first player to share all of your cookies by listening and following the directions on the game cards. 
Remember to present the cards through hearing alone.  Read the cards without letting them your child see the pictures. Kids love the snack attack, the cookie stash and swapping cookies while learning new vocabulary.

Pam from www.chitchatandsmalltalk.blogspot.com shared this pictures below.

Players start with 5 cookies in their own Cookie Stash.  They choose them from the center pile before the game begins.  Players take turns drawing a card. listening and then following the direction that is read to them on the card.

In the example above, the player drew a card that stated that Granny wants a red cookie.  The player chooses a cookie from his Cookie Stash that matches the description and places it on Granny's plate.  If he does not have one that matches, he finds one from the center pile to give to her instead.

Sometimes the card will tell you that the character DOESN'T want specific colors or shapes of cookies.  The player listen carefully and remove the cookie or cookies from the character's plate that match the description and place them back in his Cookie Stash.Sometimes a player will draw a card that gives them special listening instructions.  Some of the cards direct players to put cookies back in the pile or to trade cookies between the characters.  And some tell you to give two of your cookies away.  The SWAP! cards mean that the player must move all of one character's cookies to the other character's plate, and vise versa.

Play continues until a player shares all of his or her cookies.  It's fun, and not as easy to get rid of your cookies as you'd think!

Let me know if you played this game and if you had as much fun as the kids!

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