Thursday, January 31, 2013

Groundhog Day Ideas for Auditory-Verbal Therapy

Groundhog Day Ideas for Auditory-Verbal Therapy

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February 2013 Listening and Language Calendar

Winter -Listening to Connected Speech

Listening to Connected Speech 

Winter Card Games

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Snowboarding: A sample winter flashcard.

Before you play:

First, print two copies of each set of cards and then paste them on a cardboard backing so that your child can't see through them. Cut out the individual cards and then you are ready to play various listening activities. 

Some examples on the cards are: 

A person snowboarding.
A person skiing.
Snowflakes falling from the sky.
A woman skating.
People playing hockey.
An icicle hanging from the roof.
A man getting warm by the fire.
A person sledding

1Listen and Match

Spread all the cards on a table.
Take turns flipping two cards and saying  the cards that you  flip.

Remember to always look at the card and describe the card BEFORE you show your child the picture. If s/he sees the picture then/he does not need to listen and the hearing opportunity is lost. 

If it's a pair then they keep it and get a point. 

2. Go Snowball (Go Fish)

Deal four or five cards to each player.

Take turns asking the other player if s/he has a card. 'Do you have people playing hockey?' If s/he has it, they must give it to the asking person. asking   If the other person doesn't have it, then you  picks a card from the pile -and say, "Go Snowball".  The person with the most pairs wins. 

3. Target Complex Sentences 

Use the cards as a springboard for elaboration. 

Example are: 
"Do you have the person snowboarding who landed face first in the snow?"
Does anyone have the man and his dog getting warm by the fire after shoveling the driveway?" 

Read to your Kids!