Thursday, August 8, 2013

School Year: Self Advocacy Cards To Give Teachers

Self Advocacy Cards For the Student To Give To Their Teachers

Quick Cards SampleMany of the daily obstacles in the classroom arise from a lack of understanding about how to best interact with a child with hearing loss. Many teachers have not had a child with hearing loss in their classroom, and while their intentions are always in the best interest of the children, they may benefit from some background information. Cochlear implants, hearing aids and FM systems can be intimidating until explained. Also, many Auditory-Verbal Children function so well that their hearing loss appears invisible upon first glance.

AG Bell has developed some Word Doc templates that outline key information that provides teachers with a better understanding of a child's hearing loss, and some easy ways to avoid some traditional obstacles. We have also found this is a great way to open dialog between the teacher and the student.Variable information to be personalized has been italicized. And additional space has been left for additional information, and any items should be changed to meet your child’s needs.

These templates can be to be written from the parents about their child or from the child themselves. This leads to a great discussion with your child on their needs and how to self advocate to suceed.- See more at:

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