Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pass-around Transmitter for Students with Hearing Loss.

Handout is available upon request.

As and AVT and an audiologist, I often recommend a Pass-around Transmitter for students with Hearing Loss. 
For example, one system is the DynaMic Premium handheld pass around transmitter which can be used with the Phonak inspiro and in a MultiTalker Network
Here are the steps to initiate the process for your child with your school.
 Step 1. Initiate a request - We are requesting that our child use the DynaMic Premium handheld pass-around transmitter for use with his current Phonak inspiro. The addition of a pass-around DynaMic would give him access to more easily hear the other students in the class in order to join in the classroom discussions.  
The DynaMic expands the functionality of a FM by allowing our child to hear and therefore understand any speaker that picks up the mic.
Step 2. Share a video clip of my friend Jane R. Madell, PhD CCC A/SLP, LSLS, Cert AVT and the Pediatric Audiology Project, entitled Hearing in the Classroom where she explains and demonstrates the importance of FM technology including the pass-around mic.  

HERE is the link as you may find it interesting and helpful in your request.

Step 3. Ask for approval for trial of a DynaMic in order provide the CHILD” auditory access to the other students during group instruction. As needed, share a recommendation from your child's AVT and/ audiologist and classroom teacher. 


DynaMic User Guide http://www.phonak.com/content/dam/phonak/b2b/C_M_tools/FM/Transmitters/inspiro-DynaMic-User-Guide.pdf

(The current price of the DynaMic is around $450.00.)

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