Sunday, February 23, 2014

KJ - Champion Listener and Gymnist

Sports and Making Wise Auditory Choices For Our Kids

KJ started Auditory Verbal Therapy at 12 weeks. He is now a first grader with bilateral cochlear implants and age appropriate language, clear speech, and confidence - thanks to his parents! Yesterday, he took 1st place in all 6 events – which is typical for this little athlete. 

Of course, the sky is the limit today for kids that are d/hh but KJ’s parents wisely guided him to a sport that he enjoys, while able to wear his FM, has 1:1 coach training and also being part of a team. 

Over the years, I’ve been sad to watch some of my little listeners on a basketball court – only using their EYES because they can’t understand speech due to the gym acoustics, squeaking shoes, shouting fans… As parents you can encourage you child to try different activates but can also guide them towards better hearing opportunities. Tennis anyone? Of course, one of my AV grads is playing soccer in college now and look at Derrick Coleman – but life is hard enough.

Life is hard enough!

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