Thursday, April 3, 2014

Music and Language Milestones

Little Listener, 4 year old Eleisa sings and plays the piano. 
Do you agree she deserves and ice cream cone?


Developed for FIRST YEARS -
Music and Language Milestones*
Adapted from: Barton, C. (April 2010). Spoken Language, and Children with Hearing Loss: 
Part 1. Retrieved from Speech - <part 1, approved for ASHA 

1 Tonal center is the "home key." When a child has a sense of tonal center, they can sing a song all the way through in
the same key.
* Music milestones adapted from Campbell & Scott-Kassner (1995), Gordon (2003), McDonald (1979), MENC (2010),
Moog (1976), and Schwartz (2008).
Language milestones adapted from ASHA (2009), CDC (2009), FIRST YEARS (2009), NIDCD (2001), and Sindrey, (1997).
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