Thursday, June 5, 2014

Understanding Adult Auditory Rehabilitation: Stages of Development and Listening Sets

This information can be found with more detail at the Hearing Journey - Cochlear implant Forum

   Closed Set: The easiest type of listening is in a closed set, where the contents of the set are  present or clearly defined. 

 Examples of closed sets are: 
  • Numbers from 1 - 10
  • Names of family members                               
Bridge or Limited Set:  A bridge or limited set is one in which the context or category
 is clearly established, but the specific items in the set are not clearly present or defined.  

Examples of bridge/limited sets are: 
  • Animals
  • Items in a drug store
Open Set: In open set listening, there is no established content and possibilities are unlimited.  

Examples of open set listening situations are: 
  • Carrying on a conversation over the telephone
  • Listening to a news program on the radio or TV

How difficult a listening situation can be depends on a wide variety of challenge factors.  
To better understand the complexities of daily listening, some of these challenge factors are described below.  

Click   HERE to learn about how every listening situation has a CONTENT factors

Click   HERE to read about PRESENTATION factors

Click   HERE for information about AUDITORY MEMORY

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