Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Early Board Game for Auditory Verbal Targets

Well chosen board games model and encourage interactive listening, spoken language and learning skills. When playing board games, child can learn valuable lessons such as listening to the other players, turn taking, asking and answering questions, staying on topic, strategic thinking, manners and being a good sport. 

Many educational board games target answering “WH” questions, categorization, color and letter recognition, counting skills, describing skills, grammar/syntax and increasing sentence length  and expanding vocabulary.

When playing board games you may want to highlight knowledge of basic concepts as they practice good listening skills, following directions, and responding appropriately. Below is one of my handouts from the good ole' days of Auditory-Verbal Therapy you may find helpful.

 This is one of my favorite Fall Themed Games for Home and  in Auditory Verbal Sessions.


Click HERE to go to this "SuperDuperInc. Handy Handout"

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