Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Questions to Consider When Deciding on a Communication Option

The following is from the Indiana Parent Resource Guide:

  1. Is the communication option chosen in the best interest of your child and family?

  2. Does it allow your child to have influence over his/her environment, discuss his/her feelings and concerns and participate in the world of imagination and abstract thought?

  3. Does the communication enable all your family to communicate with your child? If not, where can you get support for teaching family members how to communicate with your child?

  4. Does the communication enhance your child’s relationship with other family members? It should promote enjoyable, meaningful communication among all family members and enable your child to feel part of your family and know what is going on.

  5. How is your child going to be able to communicate with peers and the community?

  6. Do you and your family understand the commitment this choice will require?

  7. Will your child arrive at school with language skills for thinking and learning to read?

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