Sunday, February 1, 2015

Listen and Learn with Snowman Slam

Snowman Slam is a winter game for following auditory directions. It is available for $2.00 to download and print from Pam Dahm, a Speech Language pathologist. Click Here to grab a copy of the game.

Snowman Slam can be used to target a wide variety of listening and spoken language goals including:

- Following auditory instructions 
- Auditory processing skills
- Language skills use of descriptors, colors, winter vocabulary, auxiliary verbs, plurals
- Early literacy: instruction cards include colors and pictures, making it easy for even pre-readers
- Social skills: turn-taking, winning and losing

This game is a fast-paced race of listening and matching fun! Players race to slap a card that matches both the item described on an instruction card and a piece on their personal game board. The first person to collect six snowman pieces is the winner!

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