Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Power of One - EDHI Day 2015 in Illinois

Governor Bruce Rauner declared March 20th Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Day for Illinois. I was privileged to attend when friends and colleagues were honored and be the program presenter.
The beautiful d├ęcor centered on starfish, which seemed different in Chicago with the nearest ocean many miles away. Then, Carrie Balian, Coordinator of Guide By Your Side Of Illinois Hands & Voices shared the powerful Starfish Story and how each one of us  can make a difference. Do you know the story?

At times in our lives, we are all the old man, the young man, or the starfish.
Sometimes, as the old man, we don't see the purpose to actions.
Sometimes, as the young man, we persevere and make a difference.
And sometimes, we are the starfish who just need a little help."

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