Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cochlear's Communication Corner

The Communication Corner
The Communication Corner provides age-appropriate resources to help maximize your or your loved one’s hearing. The training programs include fun and engaging activities from early listening to more complex conversations to use of technology.
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  1. Choose the most appropriate age level to view the various programs available within the site.
  2. Use the program sample to see if the program meets your needs to improve your or your loved one’s communication skills.
  3. Take the short assessment to get guidance as to where to start within the program.
  4. Come back often as there will be suggestions for which programs to try next.           
Each program has a short assessment which helps you know where to start. This ensures tasks are at the right level and will be fun and engaging. You will always have access to easier materials if you would like to practice skills you have already mastered.

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