Sunday, March 13, 2016


One of Auditory Verbal graduates Megan Swanson shares her story in the film/TV industry in order to extend awareness of Listening and Spoken Language! I've known Megan and began working with her family when she was 15 months old. So blessed to be an audiologist!

Every unique story has a hook, and mine is beating all odds. Born deaf and raised with a cochlear implant has presented many challenges. I did all the things that my first few doctors told me I would never do - I went to public school, I played instruments, I sang in choir, I performed both theater and dance, I played sports (Basketball, Soccer, Softball, track and field), and many other things as well. I attended a private university and received outstanding grades and acknowledgment.

Since my days at DePaul University, I went on to work as an Associate Producer with Dreaming Tree Films on several projects (2009-2015). “Traveling Without Moving” - the latest feature film produced debuts in select theaters this spring 2016 after the premiere at the White House Science Fair. Along with the premiere, and theatrical release, the film will be taking a fifty stop tour to promote the movie, the fresh - films program, and how the film industry uses S T E M. After my wrap with Dreaming Tree, I relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles. I have moved a distance before but this is the biggest move I have made, especially on my own. This time, I am out on my own, and making a living for myself. My dream is to find my place in the film/television industry and to climb the ladder of success. Getting my footing here in the new city was the toughest challenge. Not only am I new, but many people still don’t hire deaf/hard of hearing people because they don’t want to accommodate us or they fear we will not be able to do the job as well as a hearing person can. I have never asked for any accommodations and always provide tools for myself in order to succeed. While growing up I have learned that the best strength a person can have is advocating for themselves. Currently, I am working with Collins Avenue on a show for Lifetime. I have found the people here so far to be welcoming and I am learning a lot here. Never in my life thought I would be accepted like I am now.

I have yet to find a deaf/hard of hearing person or another cochlear implant recipient in the film/television industry. We are a minority, and I choose to break any barriers people may challenge me with. I have this strength and the future ahead of me with lots of dreams to achieve.

My success today is rooted in my family's commitment to LSL. They made sure that I had proper hearing aids and later a cochlear implant and enrolled in LSL Therapy under the guidance of Lynn A Wood, my Auditory-Verbal therapist when I was a toddler. 

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