Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hearing First - Family Support Community

Dear All,
Over the last year, I have been serving as an ambassador for an online platform for Listening and Spoken Language professionals who work with children with hearing loss and their families called Hearing First.
I am reaching out to families because there is a new platform just for you. I know every one of you has had an amazing journey and could potentially provide support to those who may just be starting out.  This community is designed for families to share resources, tips, successes, failures, fears and to ultimately provide support wherever you feel you can or would want to assist.. 

There is no agenda. There is absolutely no commitment and you wouldn’t have to do anything you didn’t feel comfortable doing. So if you have a little one or years of experience join in the journey.  

Here is the link to sign-up. 
Take a peek when you have some time. 

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