Thursday, June 15, 2017

Summer Bucket Lists in Auditory Therapy

Boredom Busters or Bucket Lists have been a fun way to kick off summer break. The activity stimulated new vocabulary, categorizing, describing, critical thinking, and lots of listening and spoken language fun! I explained to the kids that a bucket list is how you create your goals, hopes, and dreams. We talked about including things that you know you will be able to accomplish, as well as things that you would like to try to accomplish, along with some things that you might not be able to do (take a trip to Australia), but you would love the opportunity if the chance presented itself to you.  
The parents and I gave them topics and we brainstormed. Sometimes, if they couldn't think of anything I would have them listen to choices, remember what I said and then make some choices. They all seem excited to begin their bucket list challenges. We talked about a Bucket list will ensure they won't be bored or have nothing to do. Get off the couch, turn off your electronics, and go have some fun! The kids weren't sure at first but then really took this seriously.
I reminded the parents to make every summer count! They were surprised when I said that we only have 18 summers to make memories with our kids and then they are off to college or the next life adventure.
I got this idea from a blogger - SmilinginSixth

Here are some of the ideas I can recall we talked about and put into our buckets.

New swimming goals - somersault underwater, dive off a diving board, swim in a lake

Rainy day activities - play a board game, build a blanket fort, have a dance party

Nature activités - nature hike, go fishing visit an arboretum, create a sundial

Summer foods I want to eat - ballpark hot dog, fresh garden vegetables, BBQ, a funnel cake

Sporting goals - run, walk a 5K. make 3 runs in a baseball game, play a game or tennis

Fun with friends - go on a bike hike, start a book club, go fishing, volunteer at church, at a shelter

So many other topics: 

Water Games and Fun
Things I Want To See
Pool Time Goals
Places I Want To Go
Park Activites
Library Goals
Reading Goals
Travel plans
Road Trips
Sunny Day Activites
Summer Fairs and Activities to Visit
Favorite Summer Treats
Favorite Summer Drinks
Summer Music Events and Concerts
Carnival and Amusement Park Rides to Try
Camping Fun
Fourth of July Activites
Ocean and Beach Activites
Water Games and Fun
Memorial Moments

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