Monday, July 3, 2017

Start with the Brain and Connect the Dots - The Logic Chain

Hearing First commissioned Dr. Carol Flexer, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Audiology, University of Akron. I am so fortunate to have first met Carol in my junior year at the U of Akron. Carol took me under her wings, guided and coached me and I studied under her throughout graduate school, my CFY and the early years of my career. I am still learning from her today. 
 Dr. Carol Flexer has gathered, analyzed and synthesized the latest supporting research surrounding how children with hearing loss develop literacy through LSL. As a result of her work, a white paper has been created that features a logic chain comprising of research to connect the dots between basic brain biology and the development of literacy during elementary school.
Download the document to read the research and learn how children with hearing loss develop literacy through Listening and Spoken Language (LSL).

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