Monday, October 30, 2017

Listening, Language and Learning with a Halloween Sensory Bin

Listening, language and learning with a Halloween sensory bin is a rich and motivating activity for a wide range of children. I use dry pinto beans and ofter cover the bin with a small swag of autumn leaves to keep the item(s) hidden. Increase or decrease the set size to meet the child's level. 

Depending on the goals the activity may  look like:

- Bury a season object and talk about it before the child sees it. (Hearing 1st)  OOoooo! Boo!

- Find something - with a face, an insect, that grows on trees...? 

Categories - things that fly: are scary; see in a pumpkin patch; are make-believe.... Find an item that doesn’t belong. 

- Following directions/critical elements- Look for the bat and make it sleep upside down.

Auditory memory- Find the apple, the wagon, and the black cat.  Uncover the skeleton, the witch but not the monster.

Inferences or Riddles- "I am the color of darkness. Some people say I’m bad luck. Others say I have nine lives. Witches keep me as their pet." Find it!

Give the child a turn to bury a toy and describe it to the other players.

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