Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Thanks for the shout out from 
Monica Faherty, at Rule-the-School! 

Monica Faherty wrote, "In June, 2017 I attended the AG Bell Listening and Spoken Language Symposium where I heard Rehab Audiologist Lynn Wood give an excellent presentation on her favorite games.  So I dug up that information, looked at all the games and decided to purchase Tall Tales on Amazon."

Tall Tales Story Telling Board Game
The Family Game of Infinite Storytelling 

Rule-the-School's mission is to foster the independence of students with hearing loss through self-advocacy. The blog is authored by Monica Faherty, who received an M.S. in Speech Pathology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Indiana, PA and an M.S. in Education of the Deaf from Central Institute for the Deaf, Washington University, St. Louis.
According to Monica Faherty, there were several reasons that I chose. Tall Tales Story Telling Board Game

√  It is a simple concept – the student picks at least 8 objects out of the bag one at a time and tells a story as she goes along.

√  The interest level is appropriate for a wide age range.  I needed something to use with my 12-year-old working on complex language as well as a new 5-year old that I’m evaluating.

  It can be used with widely different language levels.

  It can be used to teach early literacy vocabulary such as setting, character, beginning, middle and ends of stories, as well as phonological awareness targets such as stating the beginning sound in a word used, giving a rhyming word or segmenting a word used.  The activity can be video recorded to help with this.

  It can be used to gather a spontaneous or narrative language sample in a fun way that is different every time you use it.

Tall Tales has been a big hit with both students mentioned above!

If you would like tons of language and listening ideas, visit Lynn’s award-winning website:  http://www.HEARSAYLW.com."

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