Sunday, April 29, 2018

Meaningful Counseling Narrative That Explains Hearing Loss and Technology for Families

Phonak Insight in January 2018, published this article
 and included the  summary below,

 This paper has proposed a counseling narrative that explains hearing loss and technology in a way that is meaningful for families. Since approximately 95% of children with hearing loss are born to hearing and speaking families, listening and talking will likely be desired outcomes for the vast majority of families we serve. Families need support in understanding what it takes to attain their desired outcome. 
Below are summary bullets for professionals and caregivers regarding this counseling narrative: 
  • The ears are the doorways to the brain 
  • Hearing occurs in the brain because we listen and understand with the brain, not the ear 
  • Sound = auditory information = knowledge 
  • Hearing is a stepping stone to cognition 
  • Hearing loss is often a fixable doorway problem 
  • Modern hearing technologies are designed to break through the ear/doorway to deliver auditory information to the brain 
  • Hearing technologies must be worn at least 10 hours per day 
  • Better quality and greater quantity of information delivered to the brain means stronger neural pathways are developed and more knowledge is gained
This white paper is authored by my mentor and dear friend Carol Flexer.

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