Saturday, February 2, 2019

Aria - The Word Snatcher

I met Aria at a few months of age when she began auditory verbal therapy. Her parents were still in shock of her diagnosis but have never let profound hearing loss define their family. It is hard to believe Aria's Mom was not an English speaker when we first met. They learned English together.

This family does what it takes, follows the LSL Auditory Verbal Principles and have not wavered in their dedication and commitment for Aria to learn to listen and talk, which powers literacy, academic and lifetime success. Today Aria hears with two cochlear implants, uses Listening and Spoken Language is an independent middle schooler with many friends and interests. Aria is a talented illustrator, a lover of art, an avid reader and an obsessive fan of Harry Potter. She has the musical Hamilton memorized! 

Last week, Aria acted in her school play, the Phantom Tollbooth. Ironically, Aria played the part of the Word Snatcher. Way to go Aria!

Aria and I in May of 2017 at her art show.

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