HearSayLW Blog Has A New Look!

On a whim, in 2014, I began writing content which became the HearSayLW blog. My purpose was to share auditory verbal resources, daily activities, fun games and content with families in my private practice. In no time, I had followers from around the globe, both families and professionals. My blog filled a need for readers that were seeking knowledge about auditory access, hearing technology and the listening and spoken language journey.

To date, I’ve written 617 posts for HearSayLW, published 479 of those and have 138 drafts in my inbox. If you care to access content from the original blog click here. Many of you have been following for years, so thank you for sticking around. It’s been so much fun and the BEST is yet to come.

HearSayLW has a new home and is living alongside my newest venture Listen With Lynn with LSL tools for parents and professionals. I will not only be blogging about LSL topics and activities but many will be available for download. My goal is to hustle and repost many of the oldies, the favorites and of course stories about my countless auditory verbal graduates. 

I’d love to hear your brand new ideas for LSL product creation and development that will inspire listening, spoken language, literacy and auditory processing therapy materials for children and adult auditory rehabilitation resources.