Monday, November 6, 2017

November - Listening and Spoken Language Calendar

Click HERE to download the free NOVEMBER printable calendar with daily Listening and Spoken Language suggestions for families from the Moog Center.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Right to Work

Read a new article about Megan Swanson one of my AV graduates who won Miss Amazing Miss 2017 and two others who prove that women with disabilities could be your best employees. Thanks to Miss Amazing, hundreds of girls and women with disabilities have had the opportunity to gain communication and self-advocacy skills that translate into the workplace.

October marks National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and many people with disabilities struggle to find and keep jobs. Currently, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is 10.5%. That’s compared to 4.5% for people without disabilities. So often, this problem is perpetuated by the unawareness of the strengths that people with disabilities can bring to the table. In fact, it’s been proven that companies that hire people with disabilities are better able to innovate and nurture a stronger sense of loyalty among their customers and employees. 

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Guess My Halloween Costume!

So it's the 1st of November and we are having a week-long Halloween celebration in AVT. Look at this handsome Listener playing Guess My Halloween Costume! 
Auditory memory skills were one target, as he had to remember all of the answers to the questions asked in order to make an accurate guess of his costume. He won and his Mom and I were the losers!

How to Use Clear Speech To Help People With Hearing Loss Understand

Queen Elizabeth,  A newscaster, and an Elementary School Teacher
 are examples of people who talk with clear speech.

Just like dancing a tango, it takes two people to conduct a conversation. When one of the conversational partners has a hearing loss, we often assume that this person must do all of the work in making a conversation successful---for example, the person with hearing loss might wear a hearing aid, try to read lips, ask for clarification when communication breakdowns occur, and so forth.

That a person with hearing loss should take responsibility for successful conversations is only partly true because the other person in the conversation also has a responsibility to talk as clearly as possible so that the person with hearing loss can best understand what is being said. 

Research has shown that when conversational partners talk with clear speech, the person with hearing loss understands a lot more of what is being said then if they are talking conversationally.  So what is clear speech?

Here's an example of clear versus conversational speech:
  • Clear speech:  "Did you eat yet?"
  • Conversational speech:  "D'jeet yet?"
The researchers at clEAR Auditory Brain Training have developed a short video to teach people how to speak with clear speech.  You can watch it by going to this YouTube address or by visiting the clEAR website.

Youtube address:

clEAR website video address:

If you are an audiologist, please feel free to share this video with the loved ones of your patients.  If you are a person with hearing loss, whether or not you use a hearing aid, feel free to ask your loved one to watch this video.  When a partner speaks clearly, conversations become more successful and everyone wins.

Ear train the brain:

Monday, October 30, 2017

Listening, Language and Learning with a Halloween Sensory Bin

Listening, language and learning with a Halloween sensory bin is a rich and motivating activity for a wide range of children. I use dry pinto beans and ofter cover the bin with a small swag of autumn leaves to keep the item(s) hidden. Increase or decrease the set size to meet the child's level. 

Depending on the goals the activity may  look like:

- Bury a season object and talk about it before the child sees it. (Hearing 1st)  OOoooo! Boo!

- Find something - with a face, an insect, that grows on trees...? 

Categories - things that fly: are scary; see in a pumpkin patch; are make-believe.... Find an item that doesn’t belong. 

- Following directions/critical elements- Look for the bat and make it sleep upside down.

Auditory memory- Find the apple, the wagon, and the black cat.  Uncover the skeleton, the witch but not the monster.

Inferences or Riddles- "I am the color of darkness. Some people say I’m bad luck. Others say I have nine lives. Witches keep me as their pet." Find it!

Give the child a turn to bury a toy and describe it to the other players.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Monster APP - Go Away!

Did you know that the Go Away, Big Green Monster! book is also a fabulous interactive app By Night & Day Studios, Inc?  (One of my favorite developers.)
You can listen and read along with the author Ed Emberley, a funny child or you can read aloud the story with your child. There is a Sing-Along Mode with music composed and performed by Ed’s granddaughter.  Kids love to touch the monster and see it react.
It plays anywhere: no wifi or internet necessary and totally safe with no third-party advertising or in-app purchases or pop-ups interrupting play.

Go Away, Big Green Monster! on the App Store

App Store
Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Go Away, Big Green Monster!. Download Go Away, Big Green Monster! and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Have fun!