Auditory Verbal Therapy


Auditory verbal therapy is at the heart of my practice. For over 30 years, I have specialized in family centered therapy.

Listening and Spoken Language, or “LSL,” is the approach that focuses on teaching children who are deaf or hard of hearing to listen and talk — and it’s based on the principles of Auditory-Verbal practice. Babies and young children when given the appropriate hearing technology, specialized LSL techniques and strategies can learn to listen, talk, read, do well in school, have friends and have lifelong opportunities for success.

I partner with the child’s team of professionals - pediatric audiologist, medical specialists and interventionists from the diagnosis and fitting of the most advanced hearing technology and throughout the journey of learning to listen and talk.

I coach parents and families on how to be their child’s first and best teacher. Families and caregivers attend the sessions and we work closely together. I model LSL strategies, techniques and how to incorporate them during play time, while talking, reading, singing and in daily activities and routines to build listening and spoken language skills.

I support families along their hearing journey. I have guided and coached countless families and hundreds of children have benefited from AVT and have reached their full potential. The results speak for themselves! I have many families who would love to talk, share their stories and encourage your family. Contact me and I will make a connection.

Therapy for school aged children

I offer LSL therapy for older children and teens. The sessions are individualized to meet the student’s needs in classroom and target listening skills, vocabulary development, complex spoken language skills, clear speech, social skills, self advocacy for academic and communication success.

Therapy for children with complex needs

I am experienced in LSL therapy for children who are deaf and hard of hearing with additional learning, medical and complex communication needs.

Do you want your child who is deaf or hard of hearing to learn to listen and talk? You are in the right place. Let’s talk! Call now, 630-715-1893. I’d love to hear from you.